Arizona Police chiefs

Police chiefs Jimmy Rodgriguez (Goodyear), Larry Hall (Buckeye), Chris Briggs (Glendale) and Art Miller (Peoria) are featured in a new “See Something, Say Something” video. 

A new multi-agency public safety video focuses on the public safety message, “If You See Something, Say Something.”

The 3-minute video encourages citizens to be watchful and report suspicious behavior and features law enforcement chiefs up and down the West Valley. In tag-team fashion, they deliver snippets of information.

“In the wake of tragic accidents throughout our nation,” Jimmy Rodgriguez, acting chief of the Goodyear Police Department, says, kicking off the fast-cut video.

“Law enforcement agencies throughout  our country have seen an increase in the number of threats targeting schools, places of worship and large events,” continues Art Miller, chief of the Peoria Police Department.

While the majority of odd activities post no real threat, “It’s impossible to know without a thorough investigation by law enforcement,” says Chris Briggs, chief of the Glendale Police Department. He was shown with State Farm Stadium in the background.

Vigilant citizens “help police to keep our societies safer in general,” says Larry Hall, chief of the Buckeye Police Department.

Fifteen Arizona law enforcement agencies collaborated on the video. It also features actors playing out a workplace scenario in which they mull whether to report strange social media postings by a coworker.

“The fact so many of our Valley law enforcement partners joined together for this project highlights the critical nature of the message,” said Chief Terry Young of the Surprise Police Department. “It doesn’t matter if your community is big or small, urban or rural; everyone should be aware of the significance of reporting suspicious behavior.”

The video advises to be on the lookout for things like a vehicle parked in unusual location, unattended packages, threats made online and someone asking “unusual questions about a building’s security or staff.”

“If something doesn’t look or feel right, call your local law enforcement agency,” says El Mirage Chief of Police Paul Marzocca.

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