Peoria City Council

Peoria City Council approved a rezoning of 37 acres at Lake Pleasant Parkway and Old Carefree Highway.

At its Aug. 18 meeting, Peoria City Council gave the green light to “a development program enabling a mix of uses including commercial, office and multi-family residential” on 37 acres at  Lake Pleasant Parkway and Old Carefree Highway.

The project is to be known as the Carioca Company Planned Area Development.

Tiffany and Bosco represented the landowner, RG3 Solar.

“The zoning team at Tiffany & Bosco helped pave the way for new retail and commercial services in Peoria, along Carefree Highway,” according to a release from the company.

 Tiffany and Bosco called the previous zoning “outdated,” with the new zoning to serve as “a gateway for future regional mixed-use development.

“Because of the lack of infrastructure in this area of the city, Carioca Company will initially develop a gas station and convenience store to serve the residents heading to nearby Lake Pleasant, as well as regional traffic in the area,” the Tiffany and Bosco release said.

“As the property is surrounded by Arizona State Trust land, the zoning approved by the city council on Aug. 18 will set the vision and character for this future core area of northeast Peoria.”

According to the agenda packet, city staff feels the planned area development (PAD) is beneficial to Peoria’s short- and long-term planning:

“The proposed rezoning will update the land plan for this ‘island’ parcel in a designated gateway area in north Peoria. The area is envisioned as a power center with a regional trade area. This proposal will be one component of the overall regional development of the Lake Pleasant Parkway and Carefree Highway. The initial phase will benefit from the heavy recreational traffic in the area. As utilities and the city grows northward, the regional center will be able to take advantage of future utilities in the area as well as gauge the market for additional services to this area of Peoria. …

“The PAD document will establish a character and theme that creates visual interest and begins the development of a regional center that provides a sense of place and services regional travelers and local residents.”