Tommy Irvin

Tommy Irvin, general manager of Go AZ Motorcycles, said he is looking forward to P83 expansion. 

As the city of Peoria plans to expand the P83 area, some retailers and restaurants say they welcome the new project with open arms.

The proposed Stadium Point would include a hotel, homes, retail and dining at P83 Entertainment District. The city requested proposals from master developers, and received four.  “By Monday, Feb. 10, we hope to have our review of written proposals complete,” said Christine Finney, Peoria’s materials manager.

The planned development is adjacent to Peoria Sports Complex, the Spring Training home of the Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres

While Stadium Point is still a long way from being a reality, how do the current P83 tenants feel about it?

Some doing business at P83 said they look forward to the expansion. 

Tommy Irvin, general manager of Go AZ Motorcycles, said the company has been in the Valley for 12 years. He has been with the company six years, three at the Peoria location. 

 “We started way back with just a few lines,” Irvin said. “Over the better part of the decade, we’ve grown to almost every major brand, from one dealership in Scottsdale to five in Arizona and one in Mississippi.”

Irvin said the company’s 2019 year was a success and it continues to grow each year. He attributes its growth in popularity to the way customers are treated when purchasing motorcycles. Irvin said owning a motorcycle should be easy and fun.

“We’re really about the customer experience,” Irvin said. “We get into motorcycles as a way to escape our everyday life and we’re trying to bring that into the dealership. This should be a cool, welcoming, fun experience for people to come into.”

Irvin said he is looking forward to selling more electric motorcycles. 

“We started carrying Zero Motorcycles, which are all electric,” Irvin said. “With the way technology is going, it’s been a really cool brand to be with.”

When asked what his thoughts on the complex expanding are, he said more foot traffic in the area is always welcomed and is beneficial for the company’s business. 

“Anytime you add growth, it’s a good thing,” Irvin said. “The more the merrier.”

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill looks to expand its menu in the New Year, as well as continue its philanthropy ventures and celebrate its 20th year as a corporation.

Stephen Loftis, vice president of marketing, said the 2019 year was successful. He said the Peoria venue is the top third performing of all 51 Firebirds Wood Fired Grill locations. 

“We’ve just launched partnerships with DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates,” Loftis said. “We’re making sure folks can get their Firebirds experience on the go, at their home or their office.”

Becky Hall, marketing manager, said the Firebirds Wood Fired Grill in Peoria looks at the expansion of P83 as a benefit.

“We’re very excited about it,” Hall said. “There are a couple of hotels going up behind the Peoria Sports Complex and it is just across the street from our restaurant. Bringing more people to the area with hotels and restaurants is just a plus for us.”

“We are proud to be in the Peoria market and continue to give back and nurture relationships in the communities,” Loftis said. 

Like some of its neighbors, P.F. Chang’s experienced a successful year in the P83 area, and it is looking forward to 2020.

Genaro Perez, vice president of U.S. corporate communications and global marketing, said the company is excited for the Chinese New Year, which will be celebrated starting late in Jan. 

In addition, Perez said he is looking forward to the expansion of the P83 area.

“We welcome P83’s continued expansion and hope it brings new guests from around the world to enjoy all Peoria has to offer, including a fantastic P.F. Chang’s dining experience and our made-from-scratch menu of dim sum, street fare and entrees inspired by diverse Asian flavors and culinary traditions,” Perez said.