Roundtree Ranch Home Owners Association President Robert Pittman probably went home disgusted Wednesday evening after a planned question-and-answer session for guests, Acacia City Council incumbent Michael Patino and his opponent in the March primary election, Vicki Hunt, was taken over by Patino supporters.

Pittman and other organizations that sponsor these Q&A sessions have every right to lay the ground rules before a meeting starts. They should not be blindsided by political candidates who attempt to use every opportunity to toot their own horns and encroach upon the rights of others.

Although the meeting place was a publicly-funded facility, the meeting facilitators had the right to limit questions from only those individuals who were members of their organization.

"Others in the audience may watch and listen, but they may not ask questions," should have been the rule and if it was not followed, the organizers of the meeting were within the law to call the police if the rule was ignored and an audience member continued to be disruptive.

To those candidates who ignore common decency and fail to respect the people who gave you the opportunity to talk about your political views in the first place, shame on you.