Cynthia Hand Brandon Kimbell Stephanie Kimbell

Brandon Kimbell faces first-degree murder for the killing of Cynthia Hand. Stephanie Kimbell is accused of tampering with evidence.

Six weeks before she was savagely murdered, Brittany Hand was in a hospital, complaining of  pains from a fall. 

According to court documents, she left abruptly after a man  named Brandon threatened her over the phone.

Also according to court documents, the Glendale Police “had multiple reports of abuse allegations” about Brandon Kimbell prior to the May 13 murder of Hand.

Brandon Kimbell is accused of killing Hand while his wife, Stephanie Kimbell, allegedly watched and then helped clean the bloody body. 

The Glendale Star asked the Glendale Police Department about the department’s investigations of abuse allegations by Brandon Kimbell. 

“The other cases are under investigation and the detective cannot release any further information on them,” said Randy Stewart, a Glendale Police spokesman.

Hand was found dead at the Paseo Park Apartments on Thunderbird Road in northeast Glendale near Peoria.

Glendale officers arrested the Kimbells June 5 at a Fry’s Food and Drug Store on Northern and 43rd avenues.

On May 13, police responded to a 911 call made by Stephanie Kimbell. She allegedly told a dispatcher that an unknown woman collapsed outside her apartment door and “was taking shallow breaths, was covered in bruises and looks like she ran away from a boyfriend,” according to a police report.

When police responded to apartment No. 1090, they found Hand, who “was unresponsive, did not have a pulse and appeared to be dead. Stephanie’s husband, Brandon Kimbell, was outside with the victim kneeling down next to her and appeared to be checking for a pulse,” the report said.

According to the police report, Glendale Fire paramedics advised police Hand, who was 27, probably had been dead for some time. 

Staff at the hospital where Hand was taken did a records check that showed she had been to the hospital — accompanied by Stephanie Kimbell — six weeks before she was killed. 

On March 28, Hand told hospital staff she fell, injuring her ribs.

“While at the hospital, she received a telephone call from a male named Brandon stating that she better leave the hospital or he was going to come drag her out of there. (Hand) then left the hospital without being treated. Hospital staff contacted Glendale Police for a welfare check on the victim but she was never located,” according to the police report.

According to Stewart, “The officers attempted contact, but were not provided the right address. No further follow-up was conducted, as there was no report of a crime at that time.”

When detectives first interviewed the couple, “Stephanie claimed she did not know the victim and had never seen her before,” according to the police report. “When confronted about her hospital visit with (Hand), she said the hospital staff were liars and she did not know the victim.”

Brandon Kimbell, 28, also told detectives who questioned him he had never seen Hand before finding her collapsed on his doorstep. “When confronted by detectives about the inconsistencies in his statements, (Brandon Kimbell) asked for a lawyer and questioning was seized,” the report said.

Officers spoke to neighbors who allegedly said the Kimbell apartment “had suspicious activity with random and numerous people coming and going at all hours of the day and night.”

Neighbors said one man and two women lived in the apartment, with one neighbor stating Hand was one of the women who lived there.

“A records check on Brandon showed that Glendale officers have had multiple reports of abuse allegations with Brandon as the suspect,” the police report said.

An autopsy concluded Hand had several blunt-force injuries, including a lacerated liver, a skull fracture, fractured ribs and neck trauma in addition to “severe bruising on various plains of the body,” according to the report.

Police received a warrant and confiscated phones from the apartment.

“A review of the phones and digital forensic reports showed that (Hand) had been involved with both Brandon and Stephanie since October and was residing in their apartment,” the police report stated.

“There were also screenshots of messages between Brandon and Stephanie that indicated Brandon wanted to beat (Hand’s) head in and how (Hand) would be homeless if she did not have all the bruises.”

A week after Hand’s death, “A confrontation call was done with the suspect,” according to the police report. During the call, he admitted he lived with Hand, the report said. “Brandon first advised, ‘I did not kick her ass.’ When asked about injuries to (Hand’s) body from the day she died, he advised, ‘That was from the bedroom door to the hallway,’” according to the report.

He allegedly said during the call he was kicking Hand out of the apartment and throwing clothes at her when she went to pick up clothing, slipped and hit the floor.

“He then picked her up off the ground and told her to get out. He advised (Hand) told him she was feeling woozy and he kicked her in the chest and told her to get out. He advised he physically kicked the victim out of the apartment and onto the doorstep,” the report said. 

He allegedly said his wife helped him wash blood off her in the shower, then changed Hand’s clothing before putting her outside.

“Brandon advised his defense would be that he is criminally insane,” said the report.

On June 5, according to the police report, Brandon Kimbell told “a source” that “he was in a three-way relationship with Stephanie and (Hand) … 

“He found out (Hand) cheated on him and he became jealous and punched her in the head causing her to fall on the floor and have a seizure. He further described kicking the victim while she was on the floor,” the report said.

And, Brandon Kimbell allegedly said, he stepped on Brittany Hand’s throat until she stopped breathing.

According to the report, Stephanie Kimbell told the police source she saw her husband hitting and kicking Hand, then cleaned the dead body.

The conversation with the source was recorded by police, according to the report.

Brandon Kimbell is in Maricopa County Jail on $1 million bail with an arraignment scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Thursday, June 18. 

Stephanie Kimbell, 29, also has an arraignment June 18. She is accused of tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution.

In the recording during which he allegedly described his crime to an unidentified source, Brandon Kimbell expressed no remorse. 

“I would do it again,” he allegedly said.