Binsbacher says track record speaks for itself

Bridget Binsbacher, with seven years as a Mesquite District councilmember under her belt, said she’s ready to take her political career to the next step. (Submitted photo)

After seven years as the Mesquite District’s councilmember, Bridget Binsbacher is ready to take the next step in her political career.

If she becomes the next Peoria mayor, Binsbacher said she can build upon the relationships she made as councilmember to help the city grow.

“I love this city,” Binsbacher said. “I’ve been living and working in this city for decades. I’ve been serving in this city for many, many years and raised four kids here. After seven wonderful years on the council, I want to serve at the next level to continue the great work that we’re doing and beyond.”

Binsbacher said she believes the experience she gained as a councilmember will serve her well as mayor. She said the Mesquite District was chock full of substantial projects, and the number of residents she represented from Peoria’s largest district is in her favor.

“It is definitely different from any other district, when it comes to leading the future of our city,” she said. “I feel like that experience in the Mesquite District has been paramount to preparing me to serve as Peoria’s mayor.”

Binsbacher got her start in the banking industry. While working under that umbrella for 25 years, she specialized in business development and operations.

As her family grew, however, she felt the need to switch careers so she could be closer to them.

“After having my two younger kids, I wanted to transition to something that was closer to home,” Binsbacher said. “That’s when I transitioned to the nonprofit world and started running the Peoria Diamond Club as the executive director after sitting on the board there for many years.”

She’s also served in the chambers for Peoria and Glendale. There, she said, is where she cultivated worthwhile relationships that continue to assist her in her career ventures.

“That’s really what started to help me build strong groups in the city of Peoria and serving all across Peoria,” Binsbacher said.

After her time with the Peoria Diamond Club, she became the first woman to sit on the Cactus League Baseball Association’s executive board in 2012.

Baseball has always been in her life, through family, so working with the Cactus League was organic and treasured. She’s happy to leave that role if she’s elected mayor.

She said she recognizes Peoria needs a full-time mayor.

“The nonprofit experience has been amazing, and it really led me here to my current position in the Cactus League Baseball Association, which is also a nonprofit organization,” Binsbacher said. “It really required someone with a strong financial background and relationships.

“That has been wonderful, but I would be happy to give that career up to focus on being a full-time mayor in 2023. It has been a wonderful run, and I really look forward to serving as mayor and taking Peoria to the next level.”

Binsbacher’s platform is outlined in four key initiatives: continue to run as a fiscally responsible, accountable and transparent city; ensure public safety is well funded and well equipped; demand responsible growth and continue to elevate Peoria.

“It is very important that we encourage the public process and open the door for our citizens, so they have a hand in the future of our city,” she said.

“When developers come to Peoria, we want them to know that this is part of the process. Along the way, this is also building our quality of life and we do that through many things like the preservation of open space and making sure our amenities are to the standard of our citizens from one end of the city to the other.”

She said she will be a servant of the people as mayor. Binsbacher said a focal point will be maintaining sustainable water management while keeping Peoria’s outdoor lifestyle in place.

“I want to guarantee our citizens are well represented at the local and regional level, and that means focusing on building relationships to encourage quality economic development and job creation, sustainable water management, incredible infrastructure as we grow our city,” Binsbacher said. “Basically, just seeing what is going on at the regional level and making sure that Peoria has a seat at the table.”

Binsbacher’s opponent in the mayoral race is Peoria businessman Jason Beck. At the end of the day, she said she feels she is more qualified.

“My track record and commitment to the city, education, and the organization in the city for many decades I think would be the main difference,” she said. “I have shown a sincere interest in the future of our city for many, many years and have been a part of bringing it to this point in one way or another. It doesn’t matter what job I hold or what title I have, I am a servant leader. Serving on the council and having very pertinent experience definitely separates me.”

To those who aren’t in her corner yet, Binsbacher said she hopes to be given a chance to prove that she’s the right candidate.

“I want people to do their due diligence and base their decision on facts,” Binsbacher said. “If there are people who don’t know me or just aren’t sure, please reach out to me. I want to speak to everyone and anyone who has an interest in who their next mayor will be.

“The support has been overwhelming. It is so unbelievably inspiring and encourages me; there is no doubt that I am on the right path. I want to make sure that no stone is left unturned and want to be available to anybody that wants to meet or speak with me.”