Two weeks after many Peoria and neighboring schools started providing online, remote education for students, school districts continue to figure out options for in-person learning. 

While Gov. Doug Ducey is allowing districts to continue remote learning, he directed districts to provide on-site learning for children who need a place to go during school hours starting Aug. 17.


Peoria Unified School District

PUSD has 42 elementary and high schools in Glendale and Peoria.

Learning began remotely at all the schools in early August.

The PUSD governing board voted July 24 “to begin our in-person learning no earlier than Tuesday, Sept. 8.”

“All 42 Peoria Unified schools have Wi-Fi hotspots available for families to checkout if you need internet in your home or if you need to boost your current Wi-Fi signal,” said a district announcement. 

 “Per the governor’s executive order, on Monday, Aug. 17, Peoria Unified will begin offering free on-site support for the most vulnerable, high-risk students in our district who need a place to go during the school day while completing their online learning. This includes children of first responders, those with special education services, English Language Learners (ELL) or homeless and foster care students,” said the announcement posted Aug. 10.

on-site support does not include in-person instruction by a certified teacher but rather a location for our most at-risk students who do not have Wi-Fi at home, or who do not have a safe place to go during the school day.”

On-site support will be available at 10 elementary schools and all high schools.

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Glendale Elementary School District

Distance learning began at GESD Aug. 10.

GESD provides educational services to more than 11,000 students in 17 schools.

In an Aug. 14 letter to families, GESD Superintendent Cindy Segotta-Jones announced, “This week, Arizona Department of Health Services released public health benchmarks for schools to prepare for a healthy return.  We will use the health benchmarks and guidance from our local health department in our decision making to return to in-person learning.

“As we have done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we will rely on health experts to help guide our decisions . . . prior to the benchmarks being released, Tuesday, Sept. 8 was our projected return date for in-person learning. However, this date is only a projection as we continue to monitor these benchmarks weekly.”

On Aug. 17, GESD began offering free on-site support opportunities and support services for students who need a place to go during the school day.

According to a district announcement, “Please be advised that free on-site support opportunities and support services are not teacher-led classroom instruction. However, free on-site support opportunities and support services will include in-person support services such as student supervision and strategic support for students in need during standard school hours and may include teacher-led or paraprofessional support for students engaging in distance learning instruction.”

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Deer Valley Unified School District

The district serves 34,000 students who live in and near our 367-square-mile boundary, including parts of Glendale and Peoria. 

DVUSD school began with remote learning Aug. 3.

“For the free safe learning space, we are opening up at six schools Aug. 17 for those who are pre-registered,” said Monica Allread, a DVUSD spokeswoman.

Students are required to bring all learning materials so they are able to connect virtually with their teachers in order to participate. 

Students will be in small cohorts and will connect with their teachers virtually and complete assignments.

Staff may provide technical assistance and help clarify questions. Tutoring will not be provided.

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