Peoria City Council

Peoria City Council was scheduled to hold its first meeting of 2020 this week.

The Peoria City Council, after a hiatus for the holiday season, planned to hold its first regularly scheduled meeting of the year Tuesday, Jan. 7. Items on the agenda included appointments of several board and committee members, budget amendments and elections for city vice mayor and mayor.

The council was to vote on the appropriation of $200,000 from the city’s General Fund Contingency account to complete the replacement of carpet in the Padres Clubhouse at the Peoria Sports Complex.

In 2017, the council voted to improve several areas of the stadium, including new carpet for both the Mariners and Padres clubhouses. According to the agenda, since replacement, the Mariners’ carpet had not had any issues, but the Padres’ carpet experienced delaminating from the floor, especially in high-trafficked walking areas.

The construction and design companies contracted for the carpet replaced or attempted to fix and redo the most damaged areas at no cost to Peoria in 2018. But some areas, the council’s agenda said, were damaged beyond repair.

In the Jan. 8, 2019 meeting, Councilwomen Bridget Binsbacher of the Mesquite District and Vicki Hunt of the Acacia District were elected as vice mayor and mayor pro tem, respectively. Following their year-long term, the two positions were set to be reelected. 

The vice mayor would perform the duties of the mayor should he or she be inactive or disabled from running the council. The mayor pro tem would serve as next-up after the vice mayor.

The agenda also recommended council to accept “a grant for $30,000 from the Arizona State Parks Board for the purchase of an off-road highway vehicle to support education and enforcement of laws and city ordinances.”