Richie Hayes

Richie Hayes was arrested for the Jan. 2 robbery of a Glendale bank. The TV show “Live PD” showed surveillance footage of the suspect in the bank robbery riding away on a bike with a backpack that explodes with pink dye. 

Glendale Police arrested Richie Hayes, 51, in Peoria for robbing the BMO Harris Bank in Glendale last month.

Police report Hayes used stolen money with dye on it at Desert Diamond Casino West Valley.

According to Glendale Police, when Hayes was arrested he had a  note used in the bank robbery. It said, “I have a gun, I have bad men outside, 2 of your coworkers homes, if I get caught they will go in and hurt or possibly kill them.” 

The note also demanded no alarms, no dye packs and no trackers. 

But police said his attempts to “launder” money with dye on it led to his arrest.

Hayes allegedly committed the robbery on Jan. 2, taking $4,500 from the bank teller. According to court documents, the teller slipped a pink dye pack in the cash before giving it to the robber.

A gym near the bank captured surveillance footage of a man believed to be Hayes riding a bike and carrying a black backpack. The video shows an explosion of pink powder coming from the backpack. The man is then seen placing the bike in the bed of a Toyota pick-up before driving away. 

The video was played on the TV show “Live PD.”

According to the Tohono O’odham Police Department, stolen cash marked with pink dye was put into a gaming device at the casino Jan. 17. The marked bills were quickly detected by Desert Diamond Casino security staff, who then worked with TOPD officers to review surveillance footage and identify the suspect and his vehicle.

When the suspect later identified as Hayes returned a week later, Tohono O’odham Police followed him after he left and notified Glendale Police.

Hayes was arrested Jan. 24, at 91st and Olive avenues in Peoria.

According to court documents, police searched his vehicle and found dye stains on the center console and driver door, over $1,800 in cash, an open bottle of hand sanitizer and a plastic bag with numerous $1 bills covered in dye. On the rear driver’s seat was a yellow notebook containing the handwritten letter matching the note the bank teller described from the robbery.

According to court records, Hayes told police his father recently passed away and he had to stop working. He allegedly told police he became desperate for money and decided to rob a bank. 

Hayes told police he used hand sanitizer to clean the dye off the money but he didn’t do this with the $1 bills because it was not worth it. Hayes said he would take the money he could not get all the dye off to the casino and attempt to play it in slot machines.

Hayes was charged with one count of burglary in the third degree and one count of robbery. His preliminary hearing was scheduled for Feb. 4, 2020.