Mayor Carlat responds to Legislative District 28’s censure

News came down July 22 that Arizona’s Legislative District 28 Republican Committee censured Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat.

The committee accused Carlat’s conversations with a “sitting Democrat” as a supposed endorsement.

Carlat, who is a registered Republican, responded to the censure just one day later. She said the censure is unfounded.

Her response reads as follows:

“Peoria is a nonpartisan city, and I am in support of members of our congressional delegation that support Peoria’s goals and objectives and work for the good of the residents of our city.

“I have been a Republican my entire adult life and no one, including LD 28, has the power or authority to decide if I am good enough to be a Republican. To believe they have such power is truly un-American. It is in fact, completely contrary to the liberties that form the foundation of our great country. This kind of overreach is detrimental to the Republican Party, contributing to a fractured and weakened party, as evidenced by the fact that Arizona has two Democratic senators for the first time since 1952.

“Senator Kelly and I have had multiple discussions, in-person meetings in Washington, D.C., and by telephone about the CHIPS Act and the Federal Infrastructure Bill. Both of these pieces of legislation are critical to the future of the City of Peoria.

“The CHIPS Act is a matter of urgent concern for Peoria because we have two committed employers who are waiting for the benefits contained in this legislation to begin construction in Peoria. Senator Kelly is aware of this and has been keeping me informed as to its status as a member of the Committee reconciling the House and Senate bills.

“Additionally, my conversations with Senator Kelly concerning the Infrastructure Bill have informed the water and transportation infrastructure needs that will benefit Peoria residents as we continue to grow. The needs of growing cities are much different than those of older and/or built-out cities, which is why Republican mayors such as Mayor Giles in Mesa and Mayor McFarland in Casa Grande also support Senator Kelly.

“Congressional interest in our city is a great value to Peoria residents. It is unfortunate that it is so rare.”

LD 28’s censure release reads as follows:

“WHEREAS, the mission of the Republican Party in Legislative District 28 is to recruit, train and elect Republicans who support the United States Constitution, the Arizona Constitution, and the Republican Party Platform, and to hold those elected accountable to the United States Constitution, the Arizona Constitution and the Republican Party Platform;

“WHEREAS, Mayor Cathy Carlat is a registered Republican in the City of Peoria;

“WHEREAS, the Democrat Party is the party of high gas prices, rising inflation, increasing personal income taxes, promoting socialism in the community, preventing integrity in our elections, aiding illegal aliens, taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, defunding police, defunding school choice options, and promoting Critical Race Theory, hyper-sexualized curriculum and gender dysphoria in schools;

“WHEREAS, Mayor Cathy Carlat made an unprecedented endorsement of a sitting Democrat prior to the Aug. 2 primary election;

“WHEREAS, Mayor Cathy Carlat is allowing the use of her image, her voter registration and position as mayor of Peoria to campaign on behalf of a Democrat;

“THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Republican Committee of Legislative District 28 hereby formally censures Mayor Cathy Carlat and shall immediately cease support of her as a member of the Republican Party for her support for the Democrat Party while representing Peoria.

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Republican Committee of Legislative District 28 calls on Republican voters in Peoria to heed this vote of no confidence, cease recognition of Mayor Carlat as a Republican in good standing and cease support for Cathy Carlat in any elected capacity or future election for any prospective office.”