Ryann Day and Harrison Turpin of Peoria

Ryann Day and Harrison Turpin of Peoria are expecting their first child, a boy, in January. 

Envoy Mortgage recently paid one month’s mortgage and taxes for a married couple who are expecting their first child.

Ryann Day and Harrison Turpin of Peoria refinanced their home “a few times” to pay for in-vitro fertilization. One day, they received a call from a representative asking about their experience with Envoy. 

“I told them we were trying to have our first kid and us being able to lower our rate would put more money in our pocket for diapers and the like,” Turpin said. 

“They asked us if we could do an interview at our house going over the experience we had. They came to our house with a bunch of people and a check. We were completely shocked. We were excited to be able to refinance but surprised by the cameras and gift. It was incredible.”

The IVF was successful. The couple is preparing for the January birth of a baby boy. Times are especially tough, as Day does not receive maternity leave pay through her company. 

This year, Envoy Mortgage will gift 50 customers across the United States up to $150,000 in mortgage payments and tax assistance (up to $3,000 per household) as part of its Gift of Home program.

Gift of Home recipients are randomly selected from Envoy Mortgage Department of Veterans Affairs or Federal Housing Administration loan borrowers, especially those who have been giving back to their communities as military veterans, first responders, nurses, educators, and small-business owners and employees.