Kameron and her two children

Kameron and her two children, who were previously homeless, now have their own home after a donation by Family Promise and Clayton.

After living in shelters, a family now has roots in a new home donated to them in Peoria.

Family Promise of Greater Phoenix, an organization that serves families with children who are currently homeless or at risk of experiencing homelessness, and Clayton, a national home builder of site-built and off-site built homes, celebrated the donation of a new off-site Clayton Built home and welcomed a local family to homeownership.

Kameron and her two young children experienced homelessness after Kameron was forced to move out of her stable housing while she was pregnant with her second child. 

At that time, Kameron entered the Family Promise of Greater Phoenix congregational shelter program where she was able to access resources to start a new life for her family. 

She quickly graduated from the program after securing an apartment and a job but is still living paycheck to paycheck while trying to save up for the family’s first car. This home donation will allow her to save more for a new car and will also allow her children to live in an incredible community at Peoria Polynesian Village.

“My family all grew up on welfare and living in apartments. I hope to make my family, especially my grandmother, proud as the first woman in my family to be a homeowner,” said Kameron.

“At Clayton, we are dedicated to helping families open doors to a better life through attainable homeownership,” said Lane Williams, general manager at Clayton Homes of Glendale. “We are proud of the work that Kameron has done to ensure her family has a safe and prosperous future, and Clayton is honored to be part of the team helping their family achieve the dream of homeownership.”

This is the final of five Clayton home donations through the A Future Begins at Home program this year.

Family Promise provide educational outreach and resource development, case management, support services, and non-traditional, affordable housing solutions for graduate families, like off-site built housing and transitional housing.

“We are so grateful for partners like Clayton who are aligned in our mission to help families in need,” said Ted Taylor, executive director of Family Promise of Greater Phoenix.