Reba Mason, the founder of Reba’s Vision and the Pink Roadhouse Mammo Fund, will be leading a seminar on early detection and 3D mammograms Oct. 21 at the Peoria DCS Building, 9875 N. 85th Ave.

Mason created the fund, which provides free 3D mammograms to women without insurance or whose insurance no longer covers a well woman visit, after she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

Shortly after breast cancer took her mother and she was diagnosed, Mason’s oncologist discovered cancer in 17 areas during her double mastectomy surgery that never showed on the mammogram. After chemotherapy and radiation, Mason learned that the cancer had already metastasized to her bones.

While she continues to fight the cancer, the Pink Roadhouse Mammo Fund gives Mason the chance to help other women fight the same fight. To learn more about Mason’s story and to register, call 623-773-7070 and visit