Candidate Jason Beck

Peoria mayoral candidate Jason Beck has landed multiple endorsements, including one from Councilmember Denette Dunn. 

Peoria mayoral candidate Jason Beck has received several endorsements, including Councilmember Denette Dunn, who represents the city’s Pine District. 

“I’m endorsing Jason Beck for mayor of Peoria,” Dunn said.

“Jason is the change we need and has the background and experience to bring targeted and relevant growth to Peoria. Jason lives in the north but has invested heavily in the south, creating hundreds of jobs. He is a man of integrity and is a proven leader who will ensure public health and safety is funded. He believes we all deserve access to the same quality of life and equitable resources throughout all of Peoria. A vote for Jason is a vote for lifting up all of Peoria.”

The owner of TYR Tactical, Beck is thankful for her support.

“Ever since taking office in 2018, Councilmember Dunn has been a crusader for open, honest, transparent and accountable government,” he said. 

“Her commitment to our first responders is well documented, and she embraces the need for new leadership when it comes to economic development.  It is a privilege to receive Councilmember Dunn’s endorsement.”

Peoria Councilmember Jon Edwards and Vintage Partners’ Walter Crutchfield endorsed Beck as well. 

“We are pleased to endorse Jason Beck as Peoria’s next mayor,” Crutchfield said.

“Jason’s faith, business background, humble roots, character and proven leadership simply make him the right choice for mayor of Peoria.”

Other supporters include Chicanos Por La Causa, economist Jim Rounds and Rep. Debbie Lesko.

“We need Jason Beck as our next Peoria mayor,” said Lesko, who lives in Peoria.

“Jason and his wife, Jane, are personal friends. I have seen how they are devoted to faith, family, freedom and community. We are lucky to have a proven business leader and job creator that wants to step up and run for office. Jason’s career and personal efforts have protected the lives of our police and military and have provided tax revenue and jobs right here in our community.  As mayor, Jason will strengthen public safety and help Peoria realize its full potential.”

Surprise Mayor Skip Hall and Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers are also behind Beck.

“Jason Beck wants to bring real-world ideas and successful business practices to Peoria’s city government,” Weiers said.

“That’s a big part of why I ran for Glendale mayor nine years ago. My daughter and son-in-law live in Peoria, and I know he will make a positive difference for Peoria’s citizens.”

Beck has lived in Peoria since 2004. He and Jane have raised their six sons here. They attend Christ’s Church of the Valley and are active in a number of local causes and charities. PT