Front view of person holding ballot paper casting vote at a polling station for election vote in black background

On Tuesday, Aug. 4, the city of Peoria will hold its primary election. Voters will consider Peoria City Council candidates for the Ironwood, Mesquite and Willow districts.

William Patena (Ironwood) and Jon Edwards (Willow), both  incumbents, are the only candidates in their districts.

In the Mesquite District, incumbent Bridget Binsbacher faces write-in challenger John Griffin.

To participate in the election, residents must register or update their voter registration by July 6.

To register to vote for the first time or to update your voter registration information, including your address, name or political party preference, visit For more information about the primary and polling places, visit

Ballots are to be mailed by the Maricopa County Elections Department July 8.

For voter registration information, contact the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office by visiting or calling 602-506-1511.