New house construction

During a three-hour meeting Sept. 16, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors tackled 80 agenda items. Two items pertained to the Rose Estates. 

The Rose Estates property is 163 acres of abandoned ranch and gravel quarries near 115th Avenue and Williams Drive in Peoria.

The board approved the request for a comprehensive plan amendment (CPA) for residential use, instead of commercial.

According to the agenda packet, “The applicant’s request is to amend the plan’s land-use designations by having the majority of the site as Small Lot Residential and keep a portion of the site’s existing Open Space designation intact. The areas that will remain with a designation of Open Space are areas adjacent to and part of the Agua Fria River. 

“This amendment will transform the existing abandoned ranch and sand/gravel quarries of the site into a residential neighborhood that is compatible with the adjacent residential land uses of the area.”

A condition in the Rose Estates requires that the number of residential units not exceed 440. The board approved this motion, which also called for a zoning change that would allow for more space between residential lots to compete with the surrounding area. 

The request by Jordan Rose noted a planned extension of Deer Valley Road. A bridge over the river from the existing Deer Valley Road southeast of the site would connect to Williams Drive to the west of the site. 

“This new street extension will cross the southern boundary of the site and create the primary access to the new community,” the application noted.

A residential community would be a dramatic shift for this area.

As the application noted, the site had been ranched with livestock for the past 90 years.

 In 2001, the north portion of the ranch was leased to Vulcan Materials for a sand and gravel operation.

But “mining operations have not been active for the last eight years and the mining exemption will be relinquished once this CPA with zone change is approved,” according to the application.

The request noted “areas to the east and west have developed as single-family residential neighborhoods. Moreover, with the development of the Loop 303 freeway to the northwest of the site and the imminent expansion of Deer Valley Road has demonstrated that the site is ready for a residential community.”

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors also approved over $46 million in budget changes to the CARES act in a meeting on Sept. 16.

The changes included reallocating $40 million to supporting small businesses and over $6 million to homelessness response and prevention. As a result, the budget for health and emergency response was reduced by over $16 million, and the budget for county services and workspaces was reduced by $30 million.

“We saw, after a while here, a huge demand from our small businesses for support. This $40 million being committed to small businesses is the right thing to do,” said board Supervisor Bill Gates.

The alterations also made it possible for businesses to receive up to $25 thousand in aid, which is $15 thousand higher than the previous ceiling. Another stipulation in the motion removed the requirement that businesses not receive other outside aid to qualify.

“Many businesses received payroll protection program funding. What we recognize now is that it helps them with payroll, which is a really large expense, but it doesn’t necessarily help them with their other operating expenses,” Leanne Bone said.

Approved alterations to the CARE Act also included alterations to how the $10 million budget for individuals and families is used. Under the newly approved allocation, $3 million would be directed toward food bank assistance and nearly $7 million would go toward a utility assistance program.