Three community service classes will be presented by Dr. Timothy Gerhart, local author of “Why Am I Not Right Since My Concussion.”

In his newest book, Gerhart shows that 90 percent of concussions happen without being “knocked out” with effects sometimes showing up years or even decades after the concussion. Anxiety, nervousness, sleep problems, cognitive decline, and even dementia are often linked to past concussions. The classes Gerhart presents will describe why some have never felt right since their concussion and how “solving the puzzle” of what is needed for brain healing is critical for each unique person.

Class attendees will learn what is needed to support brain healing;  boosting cellular energy production, “second brain” digestive repair, brain smart eating approach, optimized magnesium, vitamin D, EFA, and antioxidant supplementation, detoxification and brain balancing.

Gerhart is founder and director of Renovare Brain Wellness. He has more than 30 years of experience teaching physicians and patients how to put together the puzzle of why they suffer with chronic disease as well as the effects of brain trauma and brain changes. He is also the author of “7 Secrets to Wellness” and “Change Your Brain and Transform Your Life.” The presentations include colorful graphics and stories that teach how to address physical and brain changes.

The first class is Aug. 21 and the topic is “Why Am I Not Right Since My Concussion?”

Sept. 18 is the second class and the topic is “Become Concussion Resistant in Sports and Life; Keeping the Brain Safe.”

Oct. 16 is the final class, with the topic “A Program for Healing After Concussion and Other Brain Problem.”

The classes take place from 6 to 7 p.m. at Renovare Wellness By Design, 18969 N. 83rd Ave. Space is limited so individuals are encouraged to register early by calling 623-776-0206.