Superintendent Dr. Curtis Finch

Superintendent Dr. Curtis Finch, left, and Barry Goldwater High School Principal Anita Stulc congratulate Teacher of the Year chef Ryan Mattheis.

The DVUSD Governing Board recently began recognizing the 2019-20 Teachers and Rookies of the Year and will honor additional teachers during future board meetings. 

Deer Valley Education Foundation (DVEF) board President Charly Filipek presented the honorees.

Each year, the Deer Valley Education Foundation holds an extensive nomination, application and interview process to identify the DVUSD Teachers of the Year. The recipients are awarded with a $500 check and a trophy.

The program is sponsored by Discover Financial, McCarthy Building Companies, Valley Schools, Chasse Building Team, Gary and Diana Feldman on behalf of Jonah Feldman, DKG and Grad Photography.

The following teachers were honored at the Jan. 26 DVUSD Governing Board meeting.

Chef Ryan Mattheis has taught culinary arts at Barry Goldwater High School for seven years. Part of Mattheis’ philosophy is, “When you become a teacher you sign up to be in the business of human beings. Teaching requires you to become a part of a student’s life, and you make connections no other profession experiences.”

Vicky Muñoz has graced the halls of Barry Goldwater High School for the last 13 years teaching Spanish 3-4 Honors and both junior and senior IB Spanish. She noted, “My personal beliefs about teaching are to provide to all my students a positive and safe environment, achievable challenges, intentional teaching and reflection. These beliefs stand out in my personal teaching style.” 

Christine Rowlan has taught for six years at Canyon Springs STEM Academy, teaching fourth grade math. Rowlan’s philosophy is, “I try to follow a STEM mindset in the math classroom by building rich tasks with many entry points. I believe students learn best when they are interested, challenged and find their own path to success.”

Rookie of the Year Annie Ramos has started her career at Copper Creek teaching developmental preschool.

“As an educator, we have the ability and the responsibility to help create a successful future for our students, and I will strive to achieve this success with honor, motivation and love,” Ramos said.

The awards wrapped up with Rookie of the Year Jordan Schwab, a special education teacher at Terramar. 

“My purpose on Earth was to become a special education teacher,” Schwab said. “At the end of the day, children whose basic human needs go unmet will not be able to thrive within instruction.”

The remaining DVEF Teachers of the Year will be honored at upcoming DVUSD Governing Board meetings.