John Wenzlau and Millie Oakeson

To understand the aspects of living well and loving life, radio hosts John Wenzlau and Millie Oakeson invite expert guests to be on their weekly show, “Successful Aging,” on Independent Talk 1100 to share their piece of the aging puzzle with listeners. This week, they talked with Dr. John DenBoer, clinical neuropsychologist, who specializes in the assessment and detection of early-stage dementia, and Maxine MacGwyre, licensed medical aesthetician on how we take care of our skin to have optimal outcomes.

Successful aging begins when you are young and should be continued throughout your life. As we age, we all fear the unknown and especially the dreaded word, dementia. DenBoer describes dementia as the brain shrinking faster than normal aging.

“Keeping your brain active by challenging yourself to continually learn new things can reduce the intensity of dementia by 45 percent and delay onset by two years,” DenBoer said.

The fact that normal aging does not include dementia until after the age of 90 is something to strive for in our daily activities.

DenBoer said, “One of the best ways of keeping your brain from shrinking is learning a new language, or by taking on a task you are unfamiliar with.”

He stressed that new tasks should be fun and enjoyable; you don’t need to conquer something that is too complex, or that you won’t enjoy.

DenBoer’s passion is sharing the SMART Memory Program he created – Strategic Memory & Alzheimer’s Rehabilitation Training. This is a research-supported, medically-driven, socialized experience and to learn more about how you can be a part of this program, contact them at 1-855-908-5766, or online at

Moving from brain health to skin health was an interesting transition.

When asked what was the most important consideration pertaining to healthy skin, MacGwyre responded simply, “Use sunscreen daily. Eighty percent of skin aging comes from the sun.”

That is something to take seriously, especially for those of us living in the Valley of the Sun.

“Pale is the new tan,” MacGwyre said.

Learn to embrace your skin as it is and stay out of the sun, or wear sun protective clothing when you need to be out in it for prolonged periods of the day. She pointed out that using 30 SPF is sufficient because anything above that does not really help. She also mentioned the new research and advantages of getting natural SPF by eating phytonutrient-rich foods, such as; peppers, tomatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes - the vegetables rich in color.

MacGwyre uses MicroNeedling technology in her Skin Revision practice, which stimulates the skin by working with the biology of your skin to strengthen, and stimulates the collagen, giving your skin a more healthy appearance. MacGwyer recommends only using a licensed skincare professional and welcomes anyone to call with questions, 480-828-0927, and for more information online at

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