Girl Scout Troop 558 a top cookie seller

Peoria’s Girl Scout Troop 558 consists of various membership levels from kindergarten to eighth grade. In total, the troop sold 64,886 boxes of cookies, making it the Arizona Cactus-Pine Council’s top seller of the season. (Girl Scout Troop 558/Submitted)

Victory is sweet for Peoria Girl Scout Troop 558, as the young entrepreneurs have been crowned the top cookie sellers of Girl Scout Cookie Season by Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council.

Troop 558 — made up of various membership levels from Daisies in kindergarten to Cadettes in eighth grade — sold 64,886 boxes of cookies, learning valuable skills and putting smiles on thousands faces along the way.

Girl Scout cookie season was Jan. 17 to Feb. 27 this year. Troop 558 took early action to make sure everyone was equipped with the necessary skills and tools to sell their cookies.

“We started planning in October 2021, looking for personal booth locations that signed up for council approval,” said Marsha Harmon, leader of Troop 558.

“We also ran our troop cookie training a full month earlier so parents would be fully prepared mentally and physically for the first week of sales.”

Once full preparation was in place, they gathered the goods, put the strategy and started selling.

“Our troop worked as a team with grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings, helping with delivering and unloading cookies. Parents helped each other with child care and transportation to booths, too,” Harmon said. “It is great to see them all work together.”

The Girl Scouts of Troop 558 showcased their business skills to sell cookies.

“The girls walked door to door, worked hours at storefront locations, and used social media to promote their online cookie-selling websites,” Harmon said.

Troop leaders or parents monitor promotion on social media and attend booths to assist with collecting payments. Still, the girls determine their sales goals, summer plans for the cookie funds, community service initiatives and cookie donation plan.

With cookie season over, Troop 558 looks ahead to new experiences, badges and the reward for its hard-earned funds.

“The big push was for our troop trip to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, with a stop at Girl Scouts North Central Alabama Camp Trico this summer,” Harmon said.

At Camp Trico, Troop 558 takes part in a summer camp program with archery, riflery, swimming and boating.

Another troop incentive was funding for the coveted bronze, silver and gold awards that multiple girls of Troop 558 will pursue in the upcoming year. Girls earn these awards by committing to a cause and making a difference in their community with sustainable projects.

Interested in helping Girl Scout’s discover their next passion and gain new experiences? Harmon encouraged all businesses to reach out and lend a hand.

“We are always looking for companies or hobbyists who are willing to give tours of their businesses or teach a class. Anything from plumbing to candle making, every new experience makes a difference,” Harmon said.