Surprise couple bringing pediatric therapy center to Peoria

Bob and Lisa Herrmann, middle, cut the ribbon with staff and the Peoria Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the upcoming opening of T.E.A.M. 4 Kids Pediatric Therapy in Peoria.

Lisa Herrmann was inspired at a young age by a childhood friend who used a wheelchair.

Herrmann, now the co-owner of T.E.A.M. 4 Kids Pediatric Therapy in Surprise and Peoria with her husband Bob Herrmann, was enthralled by how much her friend could still do.

She realized at that point that she wanted to be a pediatric therapist.

After years of home visits for their past company without a brick-and-mortar building, the pair opened the first location in Surprise years ago. Due to heavy community support, and a need for more space, the couple cut the ceremonial ribbon with the Peoria Chamber of Commerce at the new Peoria location June 18.

It is at 20470 N. Lake Pleasant Road.

“We got so much input from people, so many suggesting we come out here, and it just made sense,” Bob said.

He works on the business side of the operation.

“Plus, we were getting so full at the Surprise location, we couldn’t fit the demand,” Lisa added.

The 5,100-square-foot facility features dozens of different therapy rooms, both individual and group-based.

Each serves a different therapeutic purpose.

The facility has a giant jungle gym used to help build muscle strength and dexterity with other kids, a theme room that will change each month to fit the time of year and many individual rooms for those who need one-on-one help.

Among the options for treatment are speech, feeding, physical, occupational, sensory integration therapy and more, helping to provide the children with skills necessary to succeed in school and eventually in the workforce as adults.

Most of all, though, T.E.A.M 4 Kids wants to make the experience enjoyable for everybody.

“When it doesn’t feel like work, and the kids are learning through play and fun, structured activities, that’s when we see the best results. That’s a big aim for us,” Bob said.

As much as the facility is geared toward the needs of the patients, Lisa hopes the new building and atmosphere keeps the employees, from the business side to her fellow therapists, happy as well.

“We know how much time our employees are working. This is where they spend their time the majority of the day that they’re not home,” she said.

“So, we want it to be a fun work environment which they want to be at, and then that makes it fun for the kids, too.”

After years of work with kids, their parents, and even the occasional adult veteran needing PTSD therapy, the ability to help people grow more comfortable in social and life situations is exactly what keeps Bob motivated in the business every day.

“The amount of people we see coming from not being able to do the skills at all, or very little, to being developed to the point where people they interact with don’t even know they had an issue in the first place, that’s really rewarding,” he said.

“That’s what we hope to provide here.”

For more information on T.E.A.M. 4 Kids Pediatric Therapy visit or call 800.376.3440.