John Wenzlau and Millie Oakeson

What if you really could do something to substantially change your odds of getting cancer? Jackie Shore, RN and patient advocate, shared some important information on how this can really be accomplished.

Finding solutions to the barriers that keep people from aging well are why radio hosts John Wenzlau and Millie Oakeson bring expert guests to their weekly radio show, “Successful Aging,” on Independent Talk 1100 KFNX.

This past week, they covered two vital components of aging well: how to lessen your odds of getting cancer and how you or your loved one can access expert advice on senior living options. Thom Corrigan, president of Professional Association of Senior Referral Specialists (PASRS), shared his expertise on that piece of the aging well puzzle.

Shore is someone you’d want on your team when you get the dreaded news that you have cancer. She helps patients through the entire process, from doctor appointments, exploring options of care and references for emotional support and counseling. She is that other set of eyes and ears that is so needed when faced with scary and unfamiliar information.

Two years ago, Shore changed her practice to help patients get well before they deal with a cancer diagnosis. Cancer starts in your body seven to 10 years prior to the diagnosis. Most of her clients can recall a traumatic event that took place in their life at that time.  

Shore said, “Ninety percent of cancer is due to chemicals and toxins that are stored in our bodies.”

We have regular genes and cancer genes in our bodies and we can turn the cancer genes on and off by what we put into our bodies. When asked what one thing can we do to help ourselves avoid cancer, Shore recommends we give up sugar and sugar supplements that are filled with chemicals, drink plenty of clean water and stay away from processed foods.  

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Another important aspect to aging successfully is to plan ahead in case you or a loved one may need senior living options. Corrigan shared how vitally important it is to use a licensed referral agent when choosing the correct senior care living situation. As president of PASRS, he strives to educate the community on what they should be aware of when looking into group homes and senior living facilities. A good referral specialist will do their homework and then accompany clients to visit places that would be appropriate. When these specialists are a member of PASRS, they adhere to best practices and they have their client’s best interest in mind, because they know what each campus has to offer. They strive to make the correct placement the first time, because moving as you get older is difficult and can oftentimes cause setbacks physically and cognitively.  For information on how you can find a referral specialist, go to, or call Corrigan at 480-223-3452.

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