Erin Fuamatu

Erin Fuamatu is hoping to locate her heirloom quilt, which was accidentally donated to a local Goodwill last year.

That sinking feeling of losing something very valuable is something no one wants. But it happened to Erin Fuamatu, of Goodyear, who is asking for the public’s help in finding her missing heirloom quilt. 

Less than a year ago, while donating a truck full of items, the twin-sized quilt was mistakenly given to a Goodwill on Dysart and Camelback roads or PebbleCreek Parkway and McDowell Road. 

Since then, she’s tried to locate it to no avail. 

“It is very important to me, as it was handmade by my mother using material from her, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother,” Fuamatu wrote in a Facebook Marketplace post. “I am more than willing to reimburse you for the cost.”

Its value is worth more than money. 

Fuamatu fondly recalls the hours it took her mother to finish the quilt — nearly her entire childhood. For over 10 years, her mother painstakingly used heirloom fabric pieces to stitch together a quilt that could be passed down to the next generation.

“I remember seeing these at the beginning stages of cut out pieces and then stitched together sitting in piles to finally forming quilts for myself and my sister,” she said. “I received my quilt for Christmas when I was 16 years old.”

The fabric used came from three special women in her life: her great-grandmother, grandmother and mother. Fuamatu’s great-grandmother lived to be 101 years old, so she was able to know her as a child. Also, she spent many weekends with her grandmother in Texas. The only cloth purchased for the quilt was the blue border/backing.

More than just a blanket to keep her warm, the heirloom quilt offers emotional support.

“I’m the only one in Arizona, so this quilt was also a comfort for me when feeling alone or needing support from my family,” she said. 

“It keeps me awake at night sometimes wondering what happened to it.” 

Anyone with information about the heirloom quilt should call Fuamatu at 623-293-1962.