Crozier Gala Goes to Monte Carlo

Event attendees of the Crozier Gala Goes to Monte Carlo enjoyed casino-styled gaming, dancing to Mogollon and silent auction bidding.


The Catholic Community Foundation hosted nearly 600 supporters during its 32nd annual event, Crozier Gala Goes to Monte Carlo. 

This year, the goal of the evening was to raise money for the foundation’s community granting funds. Recognizing that everyone has an innate desire to help others, the foundation created a set of perpetual savings funds, called endowments, designed to support critical areas of need within our community. This year was the first time in the 32 years of the gala that had a direct fundraising component.

“There are many longtime supporters of the Gala who experienced an evening much different than in years past,” said Deacon James Carabajal, CEO at Catholic Community Foundation. 

“The foundation is called to identify need, engage donors, and provide stewarded financial support to our community’s frontline organizations. Times are very different, and many, many local ministries need our help. We are here to do just that.”

The event’s title sponsors included Catholic Education Arizona and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona.

Gathering to support community

The night’s featured event included a live auction paddle raise that directly supported the foundation’s Forever Fund Endowments. These endowments are perpetual, disbursing annual grants that fund community needs through the foundation’s Giving Circle Program. 

In its eighth year, the Giving Circle is a granting program that gives members a more active role in helping the community. 

“It’s become a part of our life to be members of the Giving Circle,” said Jon Olson, Lifetime Giving Circle member and an attendee of the event. 

“It makes you appreciate the gifts God has given you, and in turn, can give to someone else. Here’s a great opportunity to be more intimate in taking care of the community.” The foundation’s Giving Circle program is the only Catholic granting circle in Arizona.

Many ways to help

The evening’s events included browsing raffle items, casino gaming, live auction bidding and a sneak preview of the foundation’s newest program, the online giving platform Shop For A Cause.

This program provides a safe way for individuals to help the needs of local nonprofits. Organizations plug in their needs, from diapers to Chromebooks, and donors can go online and shop, purchase and ship all on a convenient and simple website,

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