John Wenzlau and Millie Oakeson

Aging well can mean different things to different people, but most would agree that living without pain and having healthy eyesight is essential, as we live out the golden years.  

Each week, hosts John Wenzlau and Millie Oakeson from Friendship Retirement Corporation provide experts’ advice on their show, “Successful Aging,” to help listeners live the best life possible. They talked with Dr. Laura Addy, the assistant professor at the Arizona College of Optometry at Midwestern University, and David Grandon and Jessica Crozier from Harvest Dispensaries and Cultivation.

As we age, we slowly lose accommodation - which is the process by which the vertebrate eye changes optical power to maintain a clear image, or focus on an object as its distance varies. This is often the reason we need reading glasses, as we age and start to notice things are blurry. Getting an annual eye exam can help you stay on top of the changes in your eyes.

Addy said, “You need to get your eyes dilated during the exam because it is the only way to see the entire center of the eye, retina and inside lining of the eye. Your eye is the only place on the body where the blood vessels can be seen without being cut open.”

Taking care of your eye health is important.

Addy said, “What’s good for the body is good for the eyes; good nutrition, staying away from UV sun exposure, exercise, and limiting sugar intake can have a positive effect on your eye health.”

Addy is really passionate about helping people, who have been told they are legally blind, get as much of their vision back as possible and efficiently use the vision that is left. To contact the Arizona College of Optometry at Midwestern University for more information, or to make an appointment, call 623-537-6000, or go online at

Optimal aging includes living with less pain, sleeping well and taking charge of our own healthcare choices. One option that is becoming more well-known and available is medical marijuana.

Grandon said, “The fastest growing demographic using medical marijuana to address health issues is the senior population.”

The reason for this trend is the benefits listed above and the fact that the risks are far less than the risks associated with pharmaceutical drugs. Most seniors qualify for a medical marijuana card because they deal with chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, chronic muscle spasms, PTSD, seizures, cancer and many other conditions that lessen their quality of life. CBD cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, so you don’t get the high feeling, but you get the same relief benefits. All the cannabis sold at Harvest Dispensaries is Arizona grown and the knowledgeable staff can help guide new users on the best options. The medical director at Harvest Dispensaries teaches a Cannabis 101 class twice a month, so you can get all your questions answered. For more information, go online to  

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