John Wenzlau and Millie Oakeson

Hosts John Wenzlau and Millie Oakeson of “Successful Aging” were right on target again this week, as they welcomed guests Ian Hover and Bob Oakeson, owners of Oakeson Physical Therapy, to their broadcast on Independent Talk 1100 KFNX. Each week, they focus on how to best accomplish the goal of living well and loving life by bringing in different experts to discuss what it takes to age successfully.  

Bob Oakeson and Hover stressed the point of making the right choices in our own healthcare that will greatly influence how well we age.  

Both Bob Oakeson and Hover have spent many years working as physical therapists, specializing in orthopedic pre-op and post-op rehabilitation; sports-related injuries; treatment for vertigo; spine treatment; chronic pain; and dry needling.  

If “dry needling” caught your eye, it caught the ears of Oakeson and Wenzlau also. There were numerous questions about this treatment and Hover was quick to alleviate some anxiety regarding the pain by stressing the consistent positive results.  

Hover said, “I’m not going to say there is no discomfort in the process, but I will say it’s not as painful as the pain you already had when you arrived for treatment.”

It’s different than acupuncture in that dry needling works on muscle pain and it’s very successful in treating neck pain that causes headaches and general muscle pain throughout the body. On the subject of pain, Bob Oakeson chimed in with dispelling a phrase we’ve all heard: “No pain, no gain.”  

“This is not a true statement when helping your body recover from an injury or surgery,” Bob Oakeson said.

When asked what makes their practice unique, they emphasized that all their patients are seen by licensed physical therapists and the patient sees the same therapist throughout treatment, which shortens time spent in rehab. They use mechanical forces (soft tissue and joint mobilization), exercise and modalities, such as; heat, ice, electrical stimulation and ultrasound, to reverse or stop impairments, while promoting mobility, function and, ultimately, less pain. The therapists teach their patients exercises to continue at home. They offer indoor aquatic therapy for those who have chronic pain and cannot withstand land-based therapy.

The subject that really caught Oakeson’s attention was the treatment of vertigo. This is a condition that Oakeson said had kept her in bed and unable to function a couple of times in her life. She was thrilled to learn there really is a reliable treatment.  

Bob Oakeson explained that vertigo, in the simplest terms, is a condition where a crystal found in the middle ear is released and moves into one of the three canals. Once the canal has been identified, the procedure uses gravity to move the crystal back into place.  

Bob Oakeson said, “I have had a number of patients who have had months, even years, of vertigo and have complete elimination of symptoms after one to three sessions. It’s rewarding to see these great results.”

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