John Wenzlau and Millie Oakeson

The question in the minds of most people is not, “How long can I live?” The real question is: “How well am I living?” John Wenzlau, CEO, and Millie Oakeson, vice president of Corporate Marketing for Friendship Retirement Corp., welcome Dr. Theresa Ramsey to Successful Aging.

Ramsey explains that living with excruciating pain, heart attack levels of anxiety, and unbearable stress breaks down one’s body and prevents him from living a happy and healthy life. She suggests people learn to heal their bodies before they begin to break down. Ramsey shares how people can protect themselves from age-related illnesses including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, obesity and diabetes. There is a difference between aging normally and aging optimally.

Oakeson asked, “We’re heading in to our hot season here in the valley — and everyone feels drained — what can we do to help our energy now and as we age?” First and foremost, Ramsey explained, “Sleep is so important.” People should get eight hours of sleep a night. They should turn all electronics off an hour before they go to bed and get themselves ready for sleep with a warm bath, a good book or meditation. Staying hydrated in Arizona is a challenge, but a necessity. The sun will literally suck the moisture from one’s body. People can feel dehydration take hold when they start experiencing fatigue, headache, lightheadedness, weakness and a racing heart. While most other doctors recommend six to eight glasses of water a day, Ramsey said, “I know you’re going to think this is funny, but I recommend drinking your body weight in ounces to stay hydrated.” She clarifies by stating that’s because when people are more active in the summer months, they need to rehydrate consistently. She also recommended using Himalayan sea salt for its purported nutritional profile as it contains a high number of essential oils.

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