Salad World is a ‘personal mission’ for owner

Dennis Schwarcz and his family cut the ribbon on their first Salad World location. (Joe McHugh/Staff)

The fast-casual Salad World opened its inaugural location in Peoria, complete with 60 freshly prepped ingredients.

“It is a unique experience where you walk down the line, you build your own salad, you are the salad artist when you come to Salad World,” said Dennis Schwarcz, owner. “If you eat well, be healthy, you’ll live better, and that’s a fact.

Moving to Arizona from California three years ago, Schwarcz wanted to present a new concept. With a background in entrepreneurialism and food and beverage, he created Salad World out of necessity.

“I just couldn’t find a salad with what I really wanted,” Schwarcz said. “Every time I’d go somewhere, I would have to substitute this and then take that out, ‘Can I do this? Can I do that?’ And just I just was thinking, ‘Gosh, if you could just go somewhere where you could just make it how you want right from the get-go.’

“It is kind of a personal mission for me as well,” Schwarcz said. “I’ve had some health problems in the past and so, if I can help people eat better that makes me feel good.”

With his prior restaurant knowledge and an idea to carry forward, Schwarcz carried his dream forward with his family, including his nephew/partner Brandon.

At Salad World, guests receive unlimited toppings for $9.99 to $11.99, with protein extra. Any salad can be made into a wrap.

Schwarcz prides Salad World on its inclusiveness and attention to detail. Everything is fresh and there’s no cross-contamination of ingredients, all of which have their own serving utensils.

Salad World also caters to vegetarians and vegans, with proteins like plant-based chicken and tofu. The menu is rounded out with soup ($3.49).

“You can just make and create it however you want,” Schwarcz said. “That’s what sets us apart, and you are the salad artist when you come to Salad World.”

The Peoria Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony that was well attended.

“The support system that we have in place is really key to everything that we’re doing,” said Rhonda Carlson, Peoria Chamber of Commerce president and chief executive officer.

“Because we tell one person and then they have so many connections throughout the communities where they share that information. So, for us, it’s just cool.”

“It’s just an awesome feeling,” Schwarcz added. “I mean, they have been so welcoming, ever since day one. It is just a great feeling to bring something to life. Once just a concept and an idea, and I brought it to life. I’m really happy about it, but I couldn’t have done it without my team.”