Red Robin

Opening its first location in one of the busiest parts of Glendale, Red Robin is looking to become a mainstay for people to get quality food and drinks, right in their backyards. (Red Robin/Submitted)

Red Robin, a nationally recognized name, has flown out to the West Valley, planting its newest location in the heart of Glendale, bringing its famous burgers, beers and hospitality to one of the country’s hottest cities.

“We’re right in the middle of it, and that’s exactly where we want to be,” said Ron Perrotta, vice president of restaurant operations for Red Robin. “We really try to execute at a very high level so we can be the restaurant of choice in the city of Glendale. But everyone that I come in contact with in the community of Glendale at Red Robin, they are excited for us to be in Glendale.”

The inaugural location in Glendale opened on March 6 and has been performing at a level above what both Perrotta and Red Robin as a whole expected. Prior to this location, the nearest location sat in Peoria, nearly a 20-minute drive from Westgate.

With the new location right down the street from the popular sports and entertainment district, Perrotta feels the foot and eye traffic will be plentiful for Red Robin to become a staple in the heart of the city.

“There’s just so much development going on,” Perrotta said. “We also had some of the community leaders from Glendale out, and they walked us through some of the plans. There’s so much growth happening in that area. When we were able to nail down that selection, we knew it was going to be a home run.”

Perrotta sees the location as a potential “great hub” for customers to come in, enjoy their food and drinks, then enjoy the rest of their days at a Cardinals game or in Desert Diamond Arena on a full belly.

“Red Robin has been around for so long now that we’re an iconic brand,” Perrotta said. “For the city of Glendale to put a lot of people into the games and sporting events in concert, we have great name recognition.”

An industry leader focused on providing quality food, beverages and service, Perrotta is excited for Red Robin to do more as an active member of the community. From partnering with Make-A-Wish to give back nationally, the location will also serve as a beacon for positivity in the city.

“All of the things we do, fundraisers for the communities, to help drive that and to be part of the solution and not the problem,” Perrotta said. “We also do a lot of really good student program awards, that we can partner with our local schools and have rewards for the kids that they can come in and redeem something that they got from their teacher letting them know they did a great job, and they feel so proud when they’re able to walk in with their reward certificate and get a free kids meal.

“That’s really what Red Robin is all about. That wholesome family feel from the first step when you walk into one of our restaurants.”

From being a positive influence on the community to being a staple restaurant in the city, Perrotta’s sights are set high for the new location, and he expects people to enjoy their food and environment for a long time to come.

“With us being there in the few weeks that we’ve been open, that the community and our guests know that Red Robin is somebody they can count on,” Perrotta said. “I think that’s going to kind of be our mantra going into it that you can trust our brand.

“You can know that when you come into our restaurant, you’re going to get an exceptional guest experience.”