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Cleaning homes contaminated by suicides, hoarding, trauma or hazardous chemicals is an arduous task. As the owners of Grand Canyon Decon LLC, Mary Stringer and Steve Whaley do so with compassion for their clients. 

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Volunteers from Republic Services have collected and hauled away 11 tons of trash and debris left behind by years of illegal dumping in the area around the Agua Fria riverbed and Tierra Del Rio.  


T.S. Eliot made the celebrated observation that “April is the Cruelest Month” in his critically acclaimed poem “The Wasteland,” published in 1922. A century later, a small group of U.S. senators gathered late in that cruel month to formulate a cruel fate for our nation.

Mother. One small word. One universal meaning. We are all bound by the shared realty that we had or have a mother. This is a central person in our lives. The foundation of our history. A huge part of our personal journey and earliest memories. She is the reason that we are here and the perso…

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