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Return Judge Wismer to office

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The good people of the Arrowhead precinct can be proud of their Justice of the Peace Craig Wismer. I speak with the authority of a retired judge (20 years on the bench) who had the honor of working with Judge Wismer during the last years of my career. He is a good and decent man who has worked tirelessly for the citizens of Peoria, Sun City and northern Glendale.

Now, Judge Wismer’s disgraced opponent claims he will “drain the swamp and make the judiciary great again.” 

To this unoriginal cribbing of someone else’s campaign motto, I would say, Reformer, reform thyself. 

Our Arizona Supreme Court removed that individual from office, finding he had violated the Code of Judicial Conduct in numerous, disturbing ways.

After that removal, it was Judge Craig Wismer who took leadership of the Arrowhead Justice Court and turned it around, giving his staff, his fellow judges and the people who come before him a sense of security and calm.

Judge Craig Wismer is a gentleman, with old-fashioned good manners.  He is respectful of everyone who comes before him, no matter their station in life. His intellectual curiosity is unbounded, and he seeks  —  every day  — to refine his already exhaustive knowledge of the law. 

Judge Wismer has supported the justice courts’ work in support of our nation’s veterans, along with a wide variety of programs designed to clarify court processes. Judge Craig Wismer has earned my respect.

I urge voters to return Judge Wismer to office this year, where he can continue the good work he accomplishes every day.

Rebecca Macbeth, Judge (retired)