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West Valley constables endorse Wismer

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We, the present constables in the Northwest Valley, pen this letter of endorsement for Judge Craig Wismer as justice of the peace of the Arrowhead Court. Wismer replaced his current opponent, Phillip Woolbright, as the Arrowhead Justice of the Peace upon Woolbright’s removal from office.

During a very dark and problematic time in the Arrowhead Court history, Wismer was voted in to undo the damage done during the time of  Woolbright’s term on the bench. Within a short time of taking over the court, Wismer exceeded everyone’s expectations and restored the dignity, integrity and respect to his justice precinct.

After full court proceedings, Woolbright was removed from office as a justice of the peace less than two years into his term. His unethical actions and judicial misconduct, including obstruction of justice, misuse of power, and other acts, justified his removal.

He then appealed and Woolbright’s removal was upheld. Many of those who held office at the time signed a brief to the court detailing Woolbright’s alleged actions and explaining why removal from office was necessary.

The following constables understand why it was necessary to take the important step of filing a brief in support of Woolbright’s removal and we stand now in support of Justice of the Peace Craig Wismer.

Woolbright claims people are lying about him and fabricating stories, but facts are facts. Everything about Woolbright is a matter of public record and available for everyone’s review.

Wismer is principled, fair, sincere and accessible. He is an upstanding citizen who has proudly served and continues to serve the citizens of the Arrowhead Precinct and Maricopa County.

Constables seek to effectively serve and protect our community. To do so  requires that we and members of the judiciary be honorable. Like us, Wismer strives to set the example for exemplary community service. We have witnessed the improvements and contributions Wismer has made in the court system; especially, we note his focus on victims’ rights and related issues.

Please join us in support of Wismer and urge your fellow voters to re-elect  Wismer as justice of the peace for the Arrowhead Justice Court — the best choice for our community and an asset to the judiciary.

Lenny McCloskey, Manistee Constable

Brent  McCleave, North Valley Constable

Michael D. Branham, Arrowhead Constable

Scott Blake, Hassayampa Constable