The Arrowhead Justice Court is the place where justice begins. I believe the mission of the Arrowhead Justice Court should be to serve the people under its jurisdiction, by efficient and accessible administration of justice for all, and to treat all persons with integrity, fairness and respect. That’s where the judge comes in. 

Knowing our Arrowhead Judge Craig Wismer was going to be up for re-election in 2018, I decided to attend some of his proceedings, to see for myself, if he indeed was worthy of continuing his service.

What I observed was a judge who was sensitive and responsive to the needs of all parties in the cases. He treated all individuals with the utmost respect, taking a service oriented approach in dealing with all users of the court. 

At the same time, it is obvious that Wismer observes high standards of conduct, ensuring that the integrity and fairness of the process will be preserved. 

My observations were clear that Wismer recognizes his responsibility to the public, to the parties whose rights will be decided and to all other participants in the proceedings he presides over.

Wismer indeed should be our choice for re-election to the Arrowhead bench.

Greg Eisert