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Make history in LD21

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Americans are casting about for something different from the two-party system that seems to have a stranglehold on our state and federal governments. In Arizona, currently a solid third of voters are registered as Independents. They want to see more non-partisan leadership that puts people first.

History has seen the evolution of smaller parties that challenged the status quo, but have yet to make huge inroads into our two-party system.

But there is an alternative to serving in one party or the other; electing an Independent is not without precedence.

A cursory review of our history reveals that George Washington was elected president as an Independent, and during his tenure never joined one of the parties that evolved during his two terms.

Two parties surfaced during that period, the Federalist and the Anti-federalist.

Eventually the original two parties evolved into the Republican and Democrat parties with diverse philosophical views on how states and the country should be run. 

This year, right here in the West Valley, Kathy Knecht has stepped forward and has announced her candidacy for the state Senate as an Independent.

Kathy has made it clear that she wants to run as the candidate of the people, not a candidate of the party.

She firmly believes that public laws and policies should be decided by Independent thinking rather than party affiliation. “I care about people and I am disgusted by politics as usual. My longtime, non-partisan service on the Peoria School Board and a variety of non-profit boards has rewarded me with the opportunity to serve students and teachers, military families, arts, civic and leadership development organizations; seniors, victims of domestic violence and local businesses. Let’s change the status quo,” she said.

So, whether you are a Republican or Democrat you can vote for Kathy in the November election. You can be a part of the revolution that is changing the tired politics of the past to the vigorous politics of the future.

Mary Cornelius

Peoria LD21 Voter