Shea Boulware-Creed, a Peoria financial adviser

Shea Boulware-Creed, a Peoria financial adviser, was named to the 2019 edition of Working Mother’s Top Wealth Advisor Moms list.

Shea Boulware-Creed just made the list.


The Peoria financial adviser for RBC Wealth Management was one of six RBC financial advisors named to the 2019 edition of Working Mother’s Top Wealth Advisor Moms list. 

The list recognizes top financial advisors at financial institutions who are mothers with children living at home and under the age of 21.

Boulware-Creed, of the Peoria-Sun City RBC, was honored for the second straight year.

“It’s exciting,” said the mother of twins Willow and Wyatt, who will be 5 this month.

Her husband, Jason,  is a corporate tax attorney.

For Boulware-Creed, 43, a typical day for her starts about 5:30 a.m. “That’s about when my twins wake up,” she said.

After getting the kids taken care of, she’s off to work to meet clients old and new.

“My typical client is someone male or female who is ready to take control of their financial future and needs someone to guide them,” she said.

“We start by finding out what their goals are financially and personally. Are they still working? How much longer do they want to work? What are their dreams when they retire? We talk a lot about family planning, children, college, how their children could manage money if God forbid what would happen to them.”

Boulware-Creed is a third-generation financial planner. John Boulware Sr., her grandfather,  started a practice in the West Valley in 1974. His son retired from the Marines and took over the business in 1989. Boulware-Creed left Los Angeles and came to the Peoria office 10 years ago.

What have her clients been like lately, with the stock market roller coaster?

“Every client is different and reacts differently,” she said. “I like to say most of my clients have been pretty calm, they understand the ups and downs and the risks involved in being in the stock market. Those who are hesitant worry that this is the recession people have said is coming.

“I respond by saying there is no magic equation. No one knows if or when the next recession is coming. I try to explain and go over their asset allocation. Even if and when we see the next recession, their account is well diversified.

“Go back in history and you’ll see the stock market has always recovered.”