Extraordinary Rides: Mazda 6 Sedan Signature Package

The Mazda 6 Sedan Signature edition comes in “Soul Red Crystal,” which costs an additional $595. (Photo by C.A. Haire)

The Mazda 6 is an excellent sedan. It offers practical utility, sport performance, and a reasonable starting price of $22,000. The particular car we test drove was their Signature edition. It is supposed to be loaded with all the standard features, though we were charged extra for two items.

First was the red paint job, called “Soul Red Crystal.” That costs $595. Next was an extra $75 fee for a cargo mat, which seems insulting on a top-line car. In any case, the total tab comes to a tide $36,435.

The base engine is a 187-horsepower unit, but the Signature edition gets a potent 227-horsepower turbo engine, which can be increased to 250 horsepower if premium gas is used. It’s hooked to a six-speed automatic transmission that can be shifted manually with controls on the steering wheel. The materials and workmanship of the cabin are very nice. The controls are easy to use once the master infotainment control knob is learned. The second-row seats have enough room for two full-size adults.

This car is a blast to drive. It’s quick, smooth and quiet. The cornering ability is there, and the brakes stop the vehicle in a hurry. There is nothing boring here. Fuel economy tested at 19 mpg in hard city driving. But the highway figures were much better, with 28 mpg at 75 mph and 32 mpg at 65 mph.

While I find the Signature edition a bit pricey, there are cheaper versions of the model 6 sedan that offer the same amount of fun for less money with less fluff. Either way, this is a well-designed car.