Waste water treatment plant

"Construction is expected to begin this fall, with a targeted completion of fall 2020, according to the council agenda."

The Peoria City Council recently approved a $2.7 million construction project, which will include the rehabilitation of the Arrowhead Shores reservoir, booster pump station and well.

J.R. Filanc Construction Company Inc. will handle the improvements, which the mayor and councilmembers unanimously approved as a consent item August 13.

Construction is expected to begin this fall, with a targeted completion of fall 2020, according to the council agenda.

Proposed improvements, according to the document, include the rehabilitation/replacement of the well pump, booster pump station, south storage reservoir, hydropneumatic tank, onsite piping, disinfection system, grading and drainage, security, electrical equipment and enclosure and lighting. The north storage reservoir will be demolished.

Peoria has owned and operated the facility, located north of Caribbean Lane and off of 87th Avenue, since the mid-1990s. It is surrounded by a residential community.

“The site currently has two water reservoirs. The last one was constructed in 1994,” said Adina Lund, development and engineering director.

As water facilities age,” the document elaborates, “they require ongoing maintenance and rehabilitation efforts to continue to provide quality water to the surrounding area. … In addition, the update of site security, communication and monitoring equipment takes advantage of new technology allowing for more efficient, safe and cost-effective operation.”

Lund added, “During a site assessment that looked at the condition of the reservoir and the needs for maintenance and repair, we also looked at the changes to our overall water system and how we move water through the city. We evaluated both the current and future needs for this site.”

“Based on that analysis we are able to remove one of the reservoirs and then provide maintenance to the newer reservoir that was built in 1994. We will also be maintaining and reconditioning the equipment at the site as well.”

The project is included in the recently passed fiscal year 2020/29 capital improvement program. Funds have been allocated in the FY 2020 budget.