Super Bowl champion Prince Amukamara

Glendale Apollo graduate and Super Bowl champion Prince Amukamara and his family started the Others Foundation to help disadvantaged youth in Arizona.

Apollo High School graduate Prince Amukamara enjoyed a successful collegiate career, bettering his play each season, resulting in a First-Team All-American prize during his senior year.

In 2011, he was the first-round draft pick by the New York Giants, and in his rookie season, Amukamara won his first professional championship at Super Bowl XLVI. He now starts for the Chicago Bears.

But he has always wanted to do more. He founded the Others Foundation.

“The Others Foundation was founded by myself and one of my good friends,” Amukamara said. “Its purpose is to plant a flag of hope and help in the middle impoverished, underprivileged areas by offering aide and support through different faith-based initiatives.”

Amukamara has always been a faith-based person and believes the key to his growth is giving back.

“I believe every Christian is called to do ministry. Whether it’s in your home, workplace or school. Ministry doesn’t just happen in church,” Amukamara said. “Jesus has been challenging me to use my platform for His glory and His kingdom. What better way to do that than put together a two-day conference where our youths can fellowship and worship together.”

The foundation’s goal is to provide support and promote opportunities that enhance the lives of individuals and families in need. By supporting the development of self-confidence, healthful living, good judgment and character, the organization provides many struggling individuals and families with a thorough foundation for success.

“It has always been in my heart to use whatever I had, in whatever way I could, to help others in creative but effective ways,” Amukamara said. “So, I put a team together to help me outwork what was in my heart and Others Foundation is the product of that.”

The foundation holds contests for high school-aged kids and an annual football camp at Apollo High School to support kids ages 8 to 17.

Now, he is focused on promoting the Others Conference, set for Friday, March 29, to Saturday, March 30, at North Phoenix Baptist Church, 5757 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix.

“Others Conference is a once a year event geared toward high school-aged students,” Amukamara said. “We hope that kids leave inspired and empowered to decided what they allow to define them.

“High school are four of the most formative years of our lives and I think it is easy to just resign to whatever is around us that tries to form and define us. We want them to know that they do have a say in who defines them and they best one to define them is Jesus.”

The conference will feature speakers Don and Yannette Davis, self-proclaimed first-generation legacy builders; Pastor Bryan Loritts, lead pastor of the Abundant Life Christian Fellowship of Silicon Valley, California; Dr. Noe Garcia, senior pastor at North Phoenix Baptist Church, and Pastor Carl Lentz, Hillsong NYC.

Amukamara said he believes the time is right for the Others Conference and he is hoping young people learn from the event.

“The truth is, there are incredible conferences around that are doing an incredible job building students of all ranges,” Amukamara said.

“As a foundation, we just want to join in the fight in building and equipping students who are growing up in an incredibly anxious and depressed world. This generation by and large is the most anxious generation, so as long as issues like these exist, there will always be a need.”

While Amukamara knows people are skeptical about religion, he sees positivity and hopes all attendees will enjoy it.

“Most of the speakers I have relationships with, so it was super natural,” he said. “I shared the vision with them and they bought into it. I am aware there can be a great deal of skepticism with new initiatives, but I would encourage you to check it out, give it a chance and I am believing that you will not regret it.”