Geneva Beckford has lived in Peoria for nearly a year and she wonders why she waited so long to move here.

“My son moved here a couple years ago and I had visited, but never thought about moving here,” she said. “Then, after looking around, I decided the cost was too affordable not to look around.”

After finding a house, she sold her home in California and bought in Peoria for nearly half the price she sold her home, but that was a minor factor in selecting Peoria.

“They have a number of programs for seniors and active adults in this city,” she said. “They really know how to take care of their citizens.”

Her assessment is not her own after a national analysis of living during retirement selected Peoria as the tenth of the best place to retire.

WalletHub, a leading online personal-finance website, ranked Peoria No. 10 overall in its latest list of best cities to retire in among the U.S. 150 largest cities by population.

Tampa, Fla., topped the list, followed by Scottsdale, Ariz.; and Boise, Idaho. Cape Coral, Fla.; and Orlando, Fla., completed the top five. The next highest-rated Arizona city following Peoria was Mesa, at No. 21, while Glendale was ranked 66th.

Peoria ranked sixth in ‘Quality of Life,’ 50th in ‘Affordability,’ 53rd in ‘Activities’ and 71st in ‘Health Care.’

WalletHub noted that Peoria ranked as one of the highest cities for volunteer opportunities with its numerous citizen advisory boards and commissions, including parks and recreation; arts; historic preservation and economic development. Most of these boards include a majority of members that are 45 or older and they seek out those to assist the city.

WalletHub noted that retirees want beautiful surroundings, purposeful social recreational activities as well as interaction with others and good health care.

William Jones, who has lived in Peoria for nearly 10 years, said the city takes pride in assisting retirees and everything he needs is in town.

“They take very good care of the elderly citizens in this town,” Jones said. “There are tons of things to do, at no or minimal cost, and it is just an amazing town to live in.”

According to a Peoria spokesperson, this is the second time Peoria has been ranked in the top 10 in this list.