Peoria twins accused of bakery robbery Joseph Conklin

Joseph Conklin, 45, of Phoenix (left); Durrell Whitfield, 21, of Peoria (middle); and Terrell Whitfield, 21, of Peoria (right), are accused of staging a robbery at a bakery in Goodyear to settle a drug debt.

After nearly half a year of searching for leads, twin brothers from Peoria have been arrested in connection with an armed robbery that occurred at Sugar n Spice, a bakery located in Goodyear.

Terrell and Durrell Whitfield, both 21, allegedly committed the robbery to settle a drug debt with the bakery’s doughnut cook, Joseph Conklin, 45, of Phoenix, Goodyear police said.

Police said the twin brothers were selling fentanyl pills to Conklin, who was also arrested for alleged involvement.

The robbery occurred January 13. Two men wearing gloves, dark pants and black-and-red hoodies with ski masks robbed Sugar n Spice at gunpoint, though they were not located at the time. Police said Conklin was present.

The suspects reportedly took a victim’s phone and three victims’ wallets and IDs, as well as around $500 from the store. No employees were injured.

Probable cause was ultimately established for Conklin’s arrest. On June 4 he was taken into custody during a traffic stop, after which he confessed to police.

Search warrants were conducted for the Whitfield brothers, and multiple stolen items were recovered.

Terrell was arrested without incident, but Durrell was already in custody on an unrelated charge.

The brothers were charged with kidnapping, aggravated armed robbery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Conklin was charged with armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Terrell and Conklin were booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail.