Details for READER NOTICE:

Arizona Registrar of Contractors
Advertising by Contractors
In any advertising for services, performed by licensed contractors, the following guidelines may be useful to prevent
false and misleading advertisements.
*Any advertisement, including the name of the business,
should not imply the name of a building trade or craft for
which the contractor is not duly licensed.
*Advertisements, including the name of the business, should
not imply that you can perform work outside the scope of
work allowed under your license.
*Commercial and residential contracting are regulated separately, and therefore the license should be appropriate for the
work you are promoting.
*All advertising, including websites, letterheads, business
cards, fixed signs, mobile signs, other business forms and documents and radio and television commercials used in the conduct of business under your license should include the license
number and the company name under which you are licensed.
Written forms of advertising should include "ROC" preceding
any license number.
Referencing the ROC on Websites
Internet websites referencing the Arizona Registrar of Contractors are requested to include hypertext links to, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors' website.
Advertising by unlicensed contractors Contracting or Advertising Without a License is a Crime.